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Seeing everyone move into dorms and apartments for the fall term makes me super upset because I’m at an age where I should be moving out but every time I take steps to do that something goes wrong and I’m so discouraged and have no idea how I’m ever going to make this happen.

If you can please consider donating to this family.→



Gracie is six years old. She loves Toy Story and even looks just like Jesse! At six Gracie has dealt with more than many adults. She’s had disabilities her entire life. Her nerves are deteriorating faster than ever before. When they deteriorated in her stomach she had to get a feeding tube. She’s already gone through a couple surgeries recently to combat this deterioration but doctors here in Oregon say there’s nothing more they can do. If this deterioration reaches her heart and she stays here in Oregon, it’s a death sentence. Lucky there are other specialists to help, they just aren’t here. Please please please consider donating to help this family get to them.

Please guys this is so important. Even if you can’t donate please just signal boost this and let people know.

I just feel like I really only have one friend who wants to hang out with me ever and that’s great but it’s only one person so when like my own family doesn’t want to hang out with me I feel like such a fucking loser.

I was supposed to have a day of binge watching shows on netflix with my sister but today she decided she didn’t want to so it and I’m really bummed. My moms like, “you can watch the shows by yourself” and it’s like I didn’t want to watch shows I wanted to hang out with my sister

Dear Teacher.

I find it really fucked up that you don’t fucking do your job. I’m taking fourteen fucking credits and every week I have to set time aside to get the stuff I’m supposed to do done. Why the fuck can’t you do that? I have severe anxiety and you have caused several panic attacks for not emailing me back. Now I have several zeros in the class and it’s all your fucking fault. You’re so fucking inconsiderate and you definitely shouldn’t be teaching.

Fuck you.

Anonymous said:
Hey, how are you doing? It's tough being a teenager. I've been there, done that. I just want you to know that I'm still keeping you in prayer and I hope you're doing okay. God bless(:

I answered:

Thanks! I’m actually fantastic! I haven’t updated this blog in awhile because it’s my private blog and I usually only use it when I’m sad, but I’ve been great. If anyone wants updates on my life my main blog is H413y c:

I’m really upset because this is like the first term of school where I’ve actually made friends with people and I feel like its going to go away as soon as the term ends which is like in a couple weeks and I’m not ready for that.

Anonymous said:
Hello, I've been reading your blog for the past half hour and I wanted to say that we have some things in common. I also wanted to say, stay strong! I have scoliosis and my back hurts every day. And I also would like to tell you, I'll be praying for you. God bless(:

I answered:

Thanks so much! I hope things are going well for you!

This week has just been really bad and it’s only Tuesday and I’m in so much pain and I have a math test tomorrow and we can’t use calculators and that makes me really really nervous and I just can’t stop crying and I just want to feel better so I don’t have to do all of this shit that’s already hard at like a 6-8 on the pain scale. I’m just really upset.

For the record, I really hate arguing. It takes a lot out of me and knowing that after calling a person out on offensive comments they’ll be super mad and upset with me. But I can’t let people go on making offensive and harmful comments without saying anything. I’ll put up a hard front but it really hurts me. Like especially when the other person calls me names or fights me.

17.Depressed.Anxiety. I've gone through having an eating disorder, to cutting. I have kyphoscoliosis which causes me to suffer from constant back pain. This is a blog where I can complain or talk about anything.

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